My English Speech

Good afternoon everyone, then I will share with you a news about the IG Nobel Prize. This prize is an interesting imitation of the Nobel Prize, and it is awarded to those scientific achievements that first make people laugh, then make them think deeply.

This month, the 29th first Ig Nobel Prize was announced, and this year's winners, covering 10 categories. So next I will choose some of them to introduce to you.

First of all. The Medical Prize was awarded to Italian scientists for pizza and illness studies. The researchers showed that “often eat pizza ” seems to have a lower risk of cancer and heart attack. But there's just one catch – the pizza must be made and eaten in Italy. Maybe they only did experiments on Italians.

The next prize is very interesting. The award for the Medical Education Prize is to train the surgeon with "clicker training". People often use it to train dogs and other animals. But the study found that training a surgeon would be as similar as training a dog.

The Biology Prize is more interesting. The researchers placed a group of live cockroaches and dead cockroaches in a strong magnetic field. After 20 minutes, the dead cockroaches could be sucked into the refrigerator like a sticker, but the live group could not. This research may reveal the connection between biology and magnetic fields, and could help in the development of new magnetic sensors.

The Engineering Prize was awarded to the invention of an automatic baby-diaper-changing machine. That's sounds like a good invention. unfortunately the machine doesn't actually change the child's diaper. Instead, it is a bit like an oven to dry the diaper.

The Chemistry Prize examines how much saliva a 5-year-old child will produce one day. It turned out that the five-year-old child produce about 500 milliliter of saliva a day. But we are still not sure what the significance of this study.

The most funny award is the Physics Prize. Researchers had discovered how the wombat manages to produce cube-shaped poo. It's the only animal in the world known to do this, and the team found the secret of the cube-shaped poo is their intestine movement. But the researchers still don't know for sure why wombats evolved to produce cube-shaped poo.

(Next is the Peace Prize. Tickling will always make you feel good. However, do you know which part of the body can effectively relieve itching? Do you know how to scratch to maximize your body and mind? This research will make you feel comfortable and scratched.

The Economics Prize examines which country's banknotes are the most susceptible to dangerous bacteria. Does this have anything to do with the economy?)

  • Questions

    1. Do you think the Ig Nobel Prize makes sense, or is it just for fun?
    2. Which Prize do you think is the most interesting?
    3. Can you also give a similar interesting research?
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