We live in an "age of anxiety"

The teacher of our group introduced us to some research and views about anxiety. Although we are no longer suffering from diseases, hunger and war in the present era, we still need to worry about health, billing, study, work, interpersonal relationships and so on. We are not only anxious for the present, but also for the future.

After the speech, the teacher asked us three questions.

The first question is "Have you ever experienced mental anxiety, and what are you anxious about?". Some of our team members are anxious about the exam, while others are worried about their relationship with their classmates, and generally we are all anxious about future work.

The second question is "What do you think are the causes of anxiety?". After our group discussion, we have summarized the following reasons. First of all, we feel anxious because of the lack of knowledge of anxiety and lack of ability and experience. The second reason is our mentality. When we encounter challenging things, an optimistic and confident attitude will help us overcome anxiety. On the contrary, a negative attitude will contribute to our anxiety.

The last question is "Do you know how to relieve anxiety? Can you recommend some good ways to relieve anxiety?". In response to the anxiety factors we discussed above, our group members believe that to relieve anxiety, we should first learn more and improve our abilities and experience. So that we can have enough confidence and optimism to overcome anxiety. If we are already in anxiety, we can use the means of self-motivation to distract ourselves from anxiety. And we think that proper venting or relaxation is also a good way to relieve anxiety.

Finally, I hope everyone can stay away from anxiety and enjoy life!

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